About Us

We are a new transport company based in Zurich which operates transport services domestically and abroad in a fast and safe way. Our goal is the fulfillment of your requirements ascorrectly as possible.

Like our motto
"KEEP MOVING, THE BEST WE CAN DO", we will always be on the move. Keep moving with us, it is the best thing you can do!


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Our Vision
- As a new company in the market we are motivated, dedicated and responsible for the services we provide. We are prepared to satisfy your requirements with a modern, professional, safe and fast service with our qualified employees and vehicles.
Our Mission
- We are ready to cooperate with other companies as well as with natural persons. We are open to offers from other companies, in order to cooperate and fulfill the customer’s requirements.   Furthermore, natural persons should not feel hesitant to receive our services as we are ready to offer a wide variety of services.

– The price characterizes us as fair and flexible in the market, being in this way a good opportunity for our customer to proceed anywhere and at any time.

 – Safety is our highest priority for every customer, so together we can always be satisfied also well protected with the service in every circumstance.

Meet The Team